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Awesome Art! is a small, woman owned art education business in Austin, TX, created and facilitated by multi-media visual artist Allison Lash, MFA.

Awesome Art!'s mission is to provide equity in the arts by providing free, authentic, hands-on artmaking experiences for community members,  most especially for people of all ages who do not have immediate access to partaking in art experiences: people who identify as low-income,  BIPOC, part of the LGBTQIA+, disability and senior citizen communities.  

While guiding others through creative experiences, Allison designs activities that builds positive mental health benefits, promotes self-awarenessness, encourages creative problem solving and collaboration, builds increased self-confidence and provides opportunities for self-expression. 

For almost 10 years Allison has guided community members in hands-on artmaking activities in Austin, TX: at the Texas School For The Blind And Visually Impaired,, Foundation Communities, Rosewood-Zaragoza Neighborhood Center, St. Luke's Church, Asian American Resource Center, Austin ISD, Round Rock ISD, Austin Public Libraries, Cedar Park Public Library, and online for homebound senior citizens during the COVID-19 lockdown.   Prior to living in Austin, Allison worked as an art educator serving more than 1,000 English Language Learners, Special and General Education students from grades K-12 in NYC Title 1 Public Schools since 2004.  

"I had the pleasure of meeting Allison Lash when she was a visiting artist with my art classes this year. She was a pleasure to work with. Both myself, and my students found her presence in our classroom both inspirational and motivating." Gretchen Bettis, Art Teacher @TSBVI 2024 

"Allison is very knowledgeable, compassionate, a good listener and has superb communication skills. She has a genuine interest in engaging with the community, her students and promoting social interaction.   She has an excellent rapport with all ages and goes out of her way to reach out to individuals."  Jessica S., senior student

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