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Ideas  for one-off or multiple workshops, classes, residencies, parties and events.  Applies to all ages, kids and adults!  One-on-one, or groups up to 25,

Allison works collaboratively with you to design your most successful art explorations!

Explore Printmaking : Japanese Suminigashi Marbling, Reductive and Additive Plates (foam plate, linocut, collagraph), Silkscreen and Monoprint

Explore Painting : Tempera, Acrylic and Water Color, Color Theory and Exploring Perspective

Explore Sculpture : Found Materials, Model Magic, Air Dry and Kiln Fired Clay

Explore Photography : Depth of Field, Composition, Cropping, Self-Portraits and Photomontage

Explore Collage : Paper, Fabric, Plastics, Printed Materials, and a Variety of Textures. 

Explore Craftmaking: Stamping, Perler Beads, Collage, Paper Making,The Art of Reuse and beyond!

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