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Kids Explore Culturally Inspired Artmaking During Winter Break!

Drop off your kids for 3 hours from 10 am until 1pm at the Asian American Resource Center and we'll make some cool things together for $45/day! More info below.

Email me at to enroll by booking with your deposit of $25/kid/day.


Saturday12/22: Explore Artmaking! Experiment with up-cycled materials inspired by cultures from around the world.

Wednesday 12/26: Explore Printmaking! Experiment with printing foam and Gelli plates inspired by Indigenous Australian art.

Thursday 12/27: Explore Claymaking! Create pinch pots, coil pots, and experiment with texture inspired by cultures from around the world. Kiln fired clay with under glaze is an additional $25.

Friday 12/28: Explore Japanese Suminagashi Marbling! Experiment with a variety of papers and fabrics using special Japanese inks.

Monday 12/31: Explore Bookmaking! Experiment with a variety of papers, leathers, fabrics inspired by Asian bookmaking.

Wednesday 1/2: Explore Cardmaking! Experiment with collage & a variety of textures, stamping, water color paints and color pencils inspired by Middle Eastern patterns and designs.

Thursday 1/3: Explore Weaving! Experiment with a variety of tactile materials to create wall hangings inspired by traditional Mayan weaving.

Friday 1/4: Explore Totebag Design! Experiment with textile paint, stencils and stamping inspired by Indian block printing.

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