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Please check out my Instagram feed for more up to date information @AwesomeArtAustin

In the meanwhile, I’ll share some exciting news here, plus my new LOGO!  I’ve been busy, all over Austin and beyond, crafting and sharing hands-on art experiences to people of all ages at Summitt Elementary School (where 5th graders are learning about different styles of art in preparation for their exterior mural), The Rosewood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Center (where I’ve been leading free, community clay workshops funded in part by The City of Austin’s Cultural Division), Austin Public Library (a free cardmaking workshop) and Round Rock ISD (discovering and sharing ideas about process of artmaking rather than the product with elementary visual arts teachers).  And, also lead a retreat workshop on upcycled 3-d sculptures and a collage and assemblage workshop at Austin Creative Reuse! 

I’m collaborating with another elementary school grade and a workshop at APL and leading a teambuilding workshop with an exciting local business!  

Please look at my Instagram feed for more information.  Thank you!

Some photos of my amazing, intergenerational clay artist residency at the Rosewood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Center below:

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